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Q: The dust/PM2.5 sensor seems to have poor sensitivity…..

A: Perform periodic cleaning of the dust/PM2.5 sensor as dirt on its lens can lead to poor sensitivity.

In addition, the response time of the dust/PM2.5 sensor varies depending on room size. Make adjustments in accordance with the procedure for setting dust/PM2.5 sensor sensitivity

The responsiveness of the dust/PM2.5 sensor may be poor during FAN setting “Turbo” or when airflow is high in AUTO FAN MODE. The strong airflow causes dust to be drawn into the air inlet before it can be detected by the dust/PM2.5 sensor. This is normal (not a malfunction).

Q: Can the dust collection filter be cleaned

A: No. Do not attempt to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or water. (Reduced performance of the dust collection filter may result) Replace it if dirt build-up is severe.

Q: The dust collection filter easily turns black

A: The blackening does not affect dust collection performance. However, it can be replaced if it is an issue.

Q: Can the deodorising filter be cleaned with water? Or should it be replaced?

A: It cannot be cleaned with water.

  • (If water is used, the part will lose its shape and become unusable).
  • If you have inadvertently washed it with water, consult the place of purchase.
  • Remove the deodorising filter unit from the main body and vacuum off dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • It is not necessary to replace the filter.
  • If odour becomes an issue, wet the surface lightly with an atomiser etc., and then leave the part to dry in a shaded area with good ventilation (about 1 day).

Q: How can I order a new dust collection filter?

A: Please contact your local Daikin reseller.

MCK55W only

Q: How can I order a new humidifying filter?

A: Please contact your local Daikin reseller.

Q: No steam is visible during the Humidifying operation.

A: No steam is visible because humidification is carried out by passing air through the humidifying filter and vaporising, rather than by boiling water.

Q: Air emitted during the Humidifying operation feels cool…

A: Emitted air is a little lower in temperature than the air drawn-in because heat in the air is consumed when the water contained in the humidifying filter is vaporised.

Q: Humidification is in progress but ambient humidity is not rising….

A: It may be difficult to raise the humidity depending on room size and conditions. Select the humidity setting (High) and increase the airflow rate. Dirt build-up on the humidifying filter can cause reduced performance. Perform periodic  cleaning / maintenance.

Q: Is it necessary to replace the silver ion cartridge attached to the humidity tray?

A: The silver ion cartridge has a service life of 10 years.


Q: How do I return my air purifier?

Daikin may accept unwanted goods within 30 calendar days from date of invoice. The item/s are boxed in the original packaging, in perfect condition and have not been used.

To arrange the process of returning goods, please complete a Goods Returns Form available here.

Once the Goods Return Form is received, an email will be sent to the confirmation email address provided notifying you of the goods for collection and a date for this to be carried out.

If you have any queries regarding this date please respond to the email address provided as soon as possible.

Q: Is there a fee to return my air purifier?

All returned items are subject to a minimum 20% restocking/administration charge with the following collection charges applied to the final credit:

Collected goods up to 15KG: £15

Collected goods over 16KG: £90

All returned goods will be fully inspected by our technical engineers. If returned goods are in a non-satisfactory condition then Daikin reserves the right to decline the return or apply an increase to the restocking charge.

Q: How do I receive my credit?

Once inspected and confirmation is received that the goods are in perfect condition, a credit will be raised against the original payment method. This could take up to 14 days.

Q: What do I do if I received my air purifier damaged?

Daikin will only accept claims for damages when the goods have been signed for as damaged on the delivery note and you have notified Daikin Returns Team within three working days of delivery.

If you identify damage at point of delivery, you are entitled to refuse the delivery and contact airpurifier@daikin.co.uk to arrange for a new unit to be sent out.

If after unpacking the units, you identify damage, claims must be reported within three working days from the delivery date to Daikin Returns Team along with photographs of the damage.

Q: What if my air purifier is faulty?

Any faults or breakdowns that occur should be reported to our warranty department on:

Telephone: 0845 641 9275 or email: warranty@daikin.co.uk

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